Writer's Block: The missing piece
What do you believe we are missing in this world?
Faith. People nowadays, tend to be influenced and carried away by many worldly things. 

Writer's Block: Daylight Saving Time
What would you do with your time if you had one more hour in the day?
I'd probably sleep or surf the net. An extra hour gives me more time to rest and "fangirl". X))

Come on over JYJ

ASDFGHJKL. These three guys are hilarious! They must have been exposed to a lot of English convo since they're having their world tour. Looks like Jaejoong's enjoying speaking the language while Yoochun looks so timid and careful. CHUNGRISH Alert! LOL As for my dear Junsu-yah~, I think he really likes to blabber things in a nonsensical tone. He never fails to make me laugh. Eu kyang kyang kyang =))  I can't wait to see Come on Over JYJ this coming December 2011

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy
What was the most embarrassing day of your life?
I used to trip and fall down in front of many people before...and until now. XD I know, that sucks! I'm still the careless kid people would remember. Nothing has changed except that I've gained so much embarrassment now.


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